Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Mens Basketball Attendance: Kentucky, Xavier and Cincinnati

Kentucky ranked 1st in all of college basketball last year with an average attendance of 22,239 a game and a total of 422.547 fans in 19 home games. Rupp Arena holds 23,500 for basketball games. UK filled 95% of there seats last season, despite a down year.

Xavier ranked 41st in attendance with an average of 10,097 a game and a total of 151,456 fans in 15 home games. The Cintas Center holds 10,250 for basketball games. X filled 99% of there seats last year, not to shabby.

Cincinnati ranked 70th with an average attendance of 7,818 a game and total of 140,725 fans in 18 home games. Fifth Third Arena holds 13,176 for basketball games. UC filled 60% of there seats last year. It shows that in Cincinnati it's all about winning (i.e. look at UC football (way up) and the Reds (down because of a decade of losing)).


Brandon said...

So sad, but so true. A bunch of bandwagon fans in this city.

Speaking of, hey shu, bought a Reds ticket yet??

SHU said...

Hey hey hey now. I've supported the Reds through thick and thin and actually just bought 5 tickets today for the June 6th game against the Cubs, lay off!

Brandon said...

Good job!! This is a fun team to watch. I want everybody buying tickets. I will be there on Thursday and Friday.

kenan said...

this was an epic game. I love watching it. latest sports news