Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coach Calipari's First Mistake

The initial few weeks of Coach Calipari's regime have come with great praise from many around the national media and program supporters. But a recent incident that has come to the public show's Calipari's first mistake as Head Coach, and in my opinion its a big one. Landon Slone was a walk on guard for Kentucky last year who saw some significant minutes considering he was a non-scholarship player. Landon recently announced that he would not be returning to the University next season. With all of the Calipari recruits this is not a real shock. The shock for me is the fact that Slone had wanted to meet with Calipari face to face to discuss his status, and in the weeks that he has been coach, Calipari had not made time to do so. Slone has mentioned this in many of his interviews which proves it is more than likely bothering him. I would feel the same way if I were Landon. Last season he was a member of this team and deserved the opportunity to have at least five minutes with the head coach to discuss his status. Calipari offered an apology to Landon Slone on his twitter account stating, "UKCoachCalipari- Sorry to Landon Sloan. Heard he waited to speak to me in my office but I didn’t know. Really sorry. We are still trying to get organized!!" Where this is a nice gesture by Calipari it still doesn't make the situation right. Coach Calipari should schedule a meeting with Slone and apologize to him face to face. Although it is not a huge issue I still feel like it is an issue. Calipari does not walk on water like some Kentucky fans want to believe, this is one that he can still make right.


Matt said...

Rough day for Coach Cal....his Memphis team from 2007-2008 is undergoing investigation for severe NCAA violations

Brandon said...

He shouldn't have put that on his Twitter page. He should have called the kid to apologize. He is just speaking to the fans on Twitter.