Monday, May 18, 2009

John Wall to make Decision Soon

Reports are indicated that John Wall could be making his decision on where he will bring his talents as early as some time this week. Although as many of you who have followed Wall know this could change at the drop of a hat. Several outlets have confirmed that Wall is down to UK and Miami. Although Duke is still potentially in the running. Duke is where a lot of his AAU camp and "posse" would like him to end up more than likely so they can stay as close to him as possible and cash in on their lottery ticket when he is drafted. I am still thinking that Wall is leaning more towards playing for Miami. There are two very different situations with Kentucky and Miami. He can come to Kentucky and play on a team with a lot of talent, a group that has the potential to contend for a title. Or, he can go to Miami where they will compete in the ACC, probably make the tournament, but Wall will be the absolute go to guy and get all of the shots. Kentucky will have a number of top notch players in the stable next year that could help Wall, but also will take some of Wall's opportunities for scoring. I don't think either choice will affect his NBA recruiting, unless he completely bombs out his freshman year. From what I have read NBA scouts look at efficiency more than just pure scoring. So if Wall goes to Miami and puts up 40 every night, they are going to look at his shooting percentage. It may fare better for Wall to come to Kentucky and become a more efficient player. But I still think that he is leaning toward heading to South Beach. So for now as usual it is a wait an see game with John Wall.


Anonymous said...

Why worry about South Beach now? Go to UK earn lottery pick and buy a condo in South Beach next year!

Matt said...

I would hope he would be deciding in the next day or so...signing period ends May 20th

Anonymous said...

Read this article:

Wall's comments disagree with what you say. He doesn't want to be the only option.