Monday, May 4, 2009

John Wall Charged with Breaking and Entering

It looks like John Wall was making an unscheduled visit to 537 E. Davie Street in Raleigh on April 27th which resulted in Wall being cited for breaking and entering. Wall, who is the Rivals #1 ranked recruit was cited with a misdemeanor for entering the vacant house. It was not reported that anything was missing or damaged. Wall was with two other individuals at the time who were also cited. Not real sure what the point of entering the home was, they also did not break in but entered through an open back door. Wall is certainly living under a microscope but also has a huge payday in his future. If I were him I would avoid these types of situations to avoid any negative publicity. I don't think this will hurt his recruiting, but group his questionable academics with a potentially questionable reputation and it may have a negative effect in the future.

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SHU said...

Maybe he'll pull a Brandon Jennings and play in Europe for a year before entering the draft. It's crazy a guy with his potential and hype has still yet to sign.