Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 Deveroes Summer League: Current Standings, Rosters and More

2009 Deveroes Summer League Standings
OHC 4-1
S.I. Pool Care 3-1
Game Day Communications 3-2
Camp's Collision Center 3-2 3-2
Jackson All-Stars 3-2
McCluskey Chevrolet 2-2
John H. Flessa Law Office 1-3
Clovernook Health Care 0-5

The top team right now is OHC’s team which includes Mark Lyons, C.J. Anderson and Norman Plummer.

S.I. Pool Care is a half-game behind and their team includes some Holmes boys in Arrez Henderson and Greg Rice.

My old employer, Game Day Communications, is at 3-2 behind a pretty solid team which includes Cashmere Wright, Armein Kirkland, Gary Lumpkin and Eric Daniels.

The rest of the teams include the following players:
Camp’s Collision Center: Jordan Crawford (when he’s there), Jamel McLean and Brian Walsh.
Superior Cars: Deonta Vaughn, Dante Jackson and Anthony McClain.
Jackson All-Stars: a bunch of old farts.
McCluskey: the NKU squad.
SLATS: the main UC team with Yancey Gates, Dion Dixon, Sean Kilpatrick, and many others.
John Flessa: Kenny “You Just Got Frozen” Frease and Deonte Byrd.
Clovernook: Terrell Holloway and Brad Redford.

Some players switch teams on occasion but for the most part this is how each team is structured for the league.

Who I think will win the league tournament.....Superior Cars. The tandem of Vaughn and Jackson is pretty good.

Best name of any player at the summer league belongs to Wimpy Woods, seriously that has to be made up.....


Adam said...

Kenny "You just got Frozen" Frease. I love it.

SHU said...

We need to get a patent on that name. I'll work on that with one of our IP attorneys.