Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bengals Picked Dead Last in AFC Central

The Vegas odds for wins in 2009 are out. If you are a Bengals fan, they are down right sickening. The Cincinnati Bengals have been set with an over-under of 6 wins for next season. This puts them last in the AFC Central. The Pittsburgh Steelers lead the way in the division and the NE Patriots were picked with the highest overall predicted win total.

I personally think this is a joke. A healthy Carson Palmer. A much much improved defense. A solid top few draft picks. A weak schedule. I think this team has a lot to look forward to as far as the 2009 season. I would definitely take the over on this one. How many wins do you think the Bengals have in store for 2009??

Vegas Odds: Over-Under Win Total
Patriots 11.5
Steelers 10.5
Ravens 8.5
Browns 7
Bengals 6

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets


SHU said...

I agree G. With a weak schedule I say they go 8-8 or 9-7. I think they will get more than 6 wins so I would bet some money in Vegas.... who's betting with me.

redleg2420 said...

I think they will be better...but I am not willing to put money on that. History is on Vegas's side...not our's.

Wojo said...

I would definitely take the over. I think we'll place 2nd in the division with Rex Ryan leaving the Ravens. Now where did I put my wallet...