Friday, July 10, 2009

Garrett Atkins to the Reds?

This has been the latest rumor floating around that the Rockies have contacted Cincinnati dangling Garrett Atkins for a reliever. Most are reporting that they are looking to grab Nick Massett. John Fay has dispelled the rumor citing that $3.4 million owed to Atkins and the fact the he is a first and third baseman are the primary reasons. I agree, those are two positions that we do not currently need any help at. There are a number of viable options at third. You have already given Edwin the money to play there you might as well ride him out. Votto has first locked for hopefully a long time. There is no where to put him. If his salary was cheap then I might consider but he is not. I am with Fay, this isn't happening.

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SHU said...

I don't know how .227 hitter with little pop this year will benefit us... although he's a career .292 hitter.