Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where Are They Now? Akili Smith

I'm sure everyone remembers the #3 pick from the 1999 NFL Draft, Akili Smith, and the great numbers he put up during his NFL career..... just to think the Bengals passed on Donovan McNabb and payed Smith a 10.8 million signing bonus to be the franchise of the Bengals for years to come. Unfortunately that didn't work out and Smith's life has taken him elsewhere, away from the field.

A recent report from SI stated that during his playing career Smith was prone to jetting back to San Diego [his hometown] and partied. He constantly got calls from multiple women, his boys, club promoters ... and he gave in to temptation. In his own words, "I was a complete embarrassment off the field."

After he retired from football in 2007, he returned to San Diego to take on a QB coaching job at Grossmont Junior College. He's also working towards his masters in theology and divinity. You may ask, why is Smith working towards a masters in divinity? Reason is he's following in the footsteps of his father, Ray, who's a pastor at the United Missionary Baptist Church, where Akili is already a deacon. He's also quarterbacking the church's flag football team named God's house.

From Top 5 draft pick to a deacon and flag football starting QB in less than 10 years..... how time flies.
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redleg2420 said...

Slight correction, McNabb was taken at #2 right before the Bengals screwed up their pick.

They passed on Daunte Culpepper and the guy I wanted...Cade McNown....that would have been so much better.

SHU said...

Brando, I said McNabb was at #2, you're killing me.

Matt said...

Brandon's point was that McNabb was drafted ahead of the Bengals and Akili Smith...You said the Bengals passed on McNabb when in fact he was already taken when the Bengals picked at #3

I think the worst thing and most forgotten thing about this whole situation is that Bill Parcells and the NO Saints offered there entire crop of draft picks to simply move up a few spots to take Ricky Williams and the Bengals refused

redleg2420 said...

Thanks Matt, yes, thats what I was saying. But, have you all been drinking or something, it was Mike Ditka who offered the entire draft, anyway yes we refused and stuck with Akili...just another great move in Mike Brown's Bengals history.

You're killing me here people!