Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brian Kelly Receives More Accolades

Brian Kelly is continuing to grow in the national spotlight. The latest growth came in the form of the Sporting News. This past week, the Sporting News released their list of the best coaches in college football. The list is loaded with wins, national prominence, and national championships. One name, the name of University of Cincinnati Head Coach Brian Kelly, will surprise you.

Im not so sure that I would rank Kelly quite so high this early. Don't get me wrong, I love the national attention and the accolades that Kelly is reeling in. He is no doubt a top up and coming coach, however, the move to place him as a top 5 coach in college football is a questionable one. This year with a mix of a powerful returning offense and a young defense will really go a long way in showing just how good of a coach Brian Kelly can be. Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel ranked on the "five on the outside." Take that Ohio State!

1. Urban Meyer, Florida
2. Nick Saban, Alabama
3. Pete Carroll, USC
4. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
5. Brian Kelly, Cincinnati

What do you think? What is your top 5?Syracuse Orange v Cincinnati Bearcats

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