Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Your Sports List

This would be more of a radio topic but I am kind of interested in what you guys feel are some of your best sports memories, heroes, and moments.

My favorite baseball player of all-time: Kirby Puckett, you may ask why would a Cincinnatian select Kirby Puckett as their favorite player of all time? I have the answer for you, because he was fat. Sure Kirby wasn't that big but he was short and stocky. Kirby gave 100% all the time and as a kid he was fun to watch. In 1992 I was just really getting into baseball and Kirby and the Twins were on top. I loved Barry Larkin, Reggie Sanders, and other Reds players but Kirby has always been the man for me.

Baseball player I wished I could have watched: Roberto Clemente. Clemente was a player that I learned about early in elementary school because of his humanitarian efforts. From early on in my youth I was very interested in what he did both on and off the field. I can remember when ESPN came out with ESPN Classic my uncle Tim taped a game with Clemente in it. I watched that game in awe. I wish I could have witnessed in person.

Favorite Memory at the Ballpark: I can't remember the year but I can remember who we saw. It was my brother, myself, and my uncle Tim. It was at Riverfront in the blue seats, we were on the first base side and the Reds were playing the San Diego Padres. Bip Roberts led off the first inning with a Triple, he ran the bases so fast it seemed like he flew. I remember that very vividly. I don't recal much more of the game other than sitting and enjoying the game. But that is one of my favorite memories at the ballpark.

This is a start, what about you? What are some of your memories or your highlights? I may add some more as we go.


SHU said...

Favorite baseball player of all-time: Rickey Henderson, period. he is the reason why I started playing baseball. The man gave it his all every game and his speed was unreal. I missed watching him during his prime when he stole 130 bags in oe season but he was amazing to watch. A close second, although it may sound funny, Darryl Strawberry. The man's career is tainted because of drugs and off-field issues but I loved watching him in the late 80's and early 90's.

Player I wish I could've watched: Babe Ruth, really is their more that needs to be said. I would've loved to watch him hit a towering shot before the name "steroids" were even brought about in baseball. The true home run king, sorry Hank.

Greatest Memory at the Ballpark: Tie. Either witnessing Sammy Sosa's 500th home run at GABP or sticking it out in the ninth and the Reds down seven against the Jays to watch them come back and score eight to win the game. Only true Reds fans would stick that out, it was amazing

redleg2420 said...

Favorite Baseball Player of all time: Tony Gwynn. I am not sure why I took a liking to Gwynn. I think it was the fact that he looked so unathletic but was a great player anyway. He was the hitting machine. Obviously I was never sucker for the home run...I was just amazed at how hard he studied and knew the strike zone so well.

Player I wish I could have watched: I grew up idolizing Willie Mays and I would still love to see him play but the older I get the more interested in pitching I get. I think I would have liked to have seen Bob Gibson. He had a couple competely dominant seasons. I like to see the pitchers fool hitters.

Greatest Memory at the Ballpark: I have seen some great games. I too remember the Bip Roberts triple and Sammy Sosa's 500th. I also got to see the Reds win the playoff game in '95 against Hideo Nomo and the Dodgers, 10-1. But I think Jose Rijo's comeback game trumped everything. I loved Rijo and must admit I got choked up when he came out of that bullpen that night. The ovation was the loudest I ever heard from Reds fans, it was AMAZING!

Adam said...

Kyle, I was at both of those games you were referring to and I agree both were pretty amazing.