Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photographers Response to Nike

This story of Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James has just been blown up by all forms of media. (This site included.) I really find the whole situation to be intriguing. What I think is interesting is it is obvious that LeBron James had the Nike representatives get the tapes to avoid a media storm and attention to this video. However, by confiscating the tapes it has created that little internet story that everyone latches on too and now has this "Legend of Jordan Crawford" surrounding it. If it were released it would just be a flavor of the week and could be put on You Tube with the rest of the posterizing dunks. But the way that James and Nike handled the situation it has really been blown out of proportion. We don't even know how impressive the dunk was. It could just be mediocre.

One of the camera men who has his tape taken responds here.

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Matt said...

something tels me this is more Nike than Lebron James. It would be like if Byron Russell hit a game winning playoff shot over Michael Jordan in his "last game" and not the other way around...

Lebron is the face of the label...if guessing this was a Nike move...they just didnt think the story would get out this big like it has via word of mouth