Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trade Alonzo for WHO??

I don't report on a lot of rumors that I read online because most of them are just bull. Did you see the rumors today that the Reds were looking to deal with rumor had the Reds trading Yonder Alonzo for yes, you guessed it, Scott Rolen!

Please, Walt, tell me this is just a terribly ugly rumor!

UPDATE> The Reds did in fact trade for Scott Rolen today. They traded Zach Stewart, Josh Roenicke and Edwin Encarnacion. I was a supporter of Edwin's for a long time, but backed off of that just this year. He has not realized his full potential and could use the change of scenery. Rolen doesn't have a big power bat any more and has some health concerns, but when he can stay in the lineup he is still a nice right handed bat, hits for a nice average. He is also a really good third basemen...not quite the arm he once had but he can certainly pick it over at third. I am okay with the deal now.

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