Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anybody want Knowshon Moreno?

Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno, who led the SEC in rushing this season, announced Wednesday afternoon that he will enter April's NFL draft.

If we could re-sign Benson I could see this as being a nice one-two punch. Moreno would be more of the speed guy and Benson the bruiser. Look at teams nowadays in the NFL and how they're succeeding with the two RB system (i.e. Panthers, Ravens, Dolphins, Giants). Yes we have other needs to fill and yes Moreno may not be there when are pick comes... but what if?


Matt said...

Absolutely not...definitely have way more needs to address, especially if we resign Benson

Brandon said...

I have to agree with Matt on this one. We need to work elsewhere. If you have an offensive line, you can almost put any back behind it and have a good running game. We have to work on the offensive line! Running backs are nearly a dime a dozen. Don't waste such a high pick on a RB.

The first thing I ever learned about football is good teams are built in the trenches. You work from the inside out. Build the offensive and defensive lines first, get a good quarterback, and everything else will fall in line.

Adam said...

I agree, doesn't matter who is running the ball if we don't have a line to protect him. I want to resign Benson. I think he will be cheap and has a ton of upside. Once comfortable with the system he thrived at the end of the season. Sure up that line and it only gets better.