Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Own Bowl Update

* Wow, what a 45-13 thumping Tulsa put on Ball State last night. What has happened to the Ball State Cardinals in the last 3 games? They went from looking like one of the best teams in college football to one of the bottom feeders in the MAC.

* OSU lost to a good Texas team two nights ago. Good fight in the Buckeyes, but still a loss. That makes the Big Ten 1-6 in this bowl season (Ouch!) It also makes the Buckeyes 0-3 in their last 3 BCS games and 0-5 against the top teams in the country the past few seasons (soon to be 0-6 with an early season matchup against USC looming ahead next year). Funny to hear OSU callers slamming Utah on the radio this morning about how they would have been middle of the pack in the Big Ten..... gotta love Buckeye and Big Ten homers.

* Great Great games the last few nights between Alabama vs. Utah and OSU vs Texas.... Imagine if those games actually meant something and the winner went on while the loser went home.

* Awesome article by Michael Wilbon about how meaningless the end of the season has become in college football. I dont often agree with Wilbon on anything, but this is way way on track. With such an awesome regular season in college football wouldnt it be great if the postseason actually meant something. His article can be read here.

* Im sick and tired of hearing about a +1 playoff system. The +1 would not work, especially with the state of the current season. I love it how after the USC game, the media screamed that USC was perfect for a +1. Funny how they said the same thing about Utah. Then again about Texas. Im sorry but a +1 doesnt work when their are 2 or more worthy things. This season screams nothing but playoff.

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