Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bengals Hall of Fame

Finally realizing that they need to take away some attention from this terrible product on the field the Bengals have decided to create a hall of fame. You will not be able to visit this hall of fame, it will only be virtual. But I am glad that they have finally decided to honor some of the great players in the past.

Paul Brown and Anthony Munoz are automatic inductions because of their place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Starting on Monday and ending Feb. 28, fans can vote for 10 of 32 names that are multiple Pro Bowl players, career record-holders or Super Bowl head coaches, or five at-large selections.

The 10 finalists advance to another fan vote to be held for a month starting in April. The three finalists from that group join Brown and Munoz in the inaugural class to be unveiled after the Bengals' last June camp.

To be eligible, a player must have been with the Bengals for at least a season and been retired from the NFL for five years. Coaches may be active but can no longer be with the team.

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SHU said...

My vote is for Brad St. Louis, he long snaps like no other