Monday, January 12, 2009

Henderson and Rice Elected to the Hall of Fame

Henderson fell one vote short from a unamimous vote into Cooperstown where Jim Rice made it on his final year on the ballot. Both men are very deserving of this honor. It is a little strange when we are getting to players who I distinctly remember watching play throughout most of their careers and Henderson was one of those guys that I took for granted when I watched him. In retrospect Henderson had amazing baseball talents but just made the game, and stealing bases, look so incredibly easy. Congratulations to both men, neither of them have the stats of Pete Rose but still very deserving of this honor!

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Brandon said...

Henderson actually does have stats that would compete with Rose. I was hoping Tim Raines and Andre Dawson would also have a shot at the Hall. I think Dawson will get in eventually, but Raines barely received 20% of the vote. What am I missing there? Is it just the crack addiction in the early 80's holding him back?