Friday, January 30, 2009

Solid Pittsburgh School System

According to the PIttsburgh Post-Gazette the Pittsburgh public school system has announced a two hour delay for Monday following the Super Bowl. I have heard that Steeler football is huge in Pittsburgh but this takes it to a whole new level. I agree that it will make for a late night but I would argue more with the networks on that issue. They prolong the game for as long as possible to bring revenue from commercials, they direct a pointless half hour halftime show, and start the game later in the evening to try and pull prime time ratings. If they kicked off at 4:00 on Sunday I don't think that they would lose any viewers, probably gain even more for the end of the game. I think the leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA, etc.) need to put more pressure on the networks to make the games more accessible to thier fans.

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Matt said...

True that....At least kickoff is scheduled for 630 of so (which we all know means it will really be after 7)...Remember a few years back when kickoff wasnt until after 8....Ridiculous

Maybe we should all start to go the Lance McAllister way on this one and make a push for the SuperBowl to be played on Saturday night.