Monday, January 26, 2009

Very Interesting

I always love when the NCAA tournament comes around and two teams are compared side by side without mentioning the team names. Most of the time it is surprising. It is amazing how the name of the school and our perception plays into those types of decisions.

Which of these two teams would you chose if the NCAA tournament started today? (I stole this from Lance's blog so dont cheat first)... both teams are in the same conference... I will give results and who the two teams are in a few days when everyone has voted.

Team A
Record: 12-7
Conference Record: 3-5
RPI: 77
Strength of Schedule: 82
vs. RPI Top 100: 2-5

Team B
Record: 14-7
Conference Record: 4-4
RPI: 55
Strength of Schedule: 26
vs. RPI Top 100: 4-7


SHU said...

I'm going to guess that team B is UC so just because I'm biased I'll pick Team A. Is the other team Georgetown?

Adam said...

Team B is the Bearcats, I am going to say that team A is Notre Dame?

Matt said...

Come on guys...the game was not which team is which...the game was which team would you select for the NCAA tournament if you could only choose one of the two

Adam said...

Simply based on the numbers there I would have to say Team B, but I will say that reluctantly because I know it is UC and this will validate your point!