Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cats and Vol's Trash Talking Last Night

From Kentucky Sports Radio Blog:
When prized recruit Bobby Maze picked Tennessee this summer as his college choice, he said, “Tennessee is a Ferrari, Kentucky is a Range Rover.” That obviously stuck with the players, because Patrick Patterson’s Facebook status after the game said this:

“Jodie Meeks is like a Ferrari, Bobby Maze is like a Honda…. U do the math.”

It is being passed around that as Jodie went to the line late in the game, he made his first free throw and looked at Bobby Maze and said, “Thats fifty”.

“Even in the last minute of the game, they were still talking trash,” Patterson said. “When somebody scores 50 in your gym, I wouldn’t have been talking. My mouth would have been shut.”

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Anonymous said...

YES! I love a good rivalry.