Friday, January 2, 2009

Peyton Manning named NFL MVP

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning was named the NFL's MVP not really a huge suprise but I am willing to make an argument for Chad Pennington who I feel could have just as easily been named the MVP.
First, most would argue that the MVP should be the "most valuable player" of the team. It is obvious the Manning was a huge part in the Colt's late season push to make the playoffs, however, the Colts were 13-3 last season under Manning and 12-4 this season with him. The Dolphins were 1-15 and after Pennington took the helm they improved to 11-5. The numbers are very close with a slight advantage to Manning, but I think as far as value to the team, Pennington wins.

Chad Pennington
Yards- 3653
Comp%- 67.4
TD- 19
INT- 7
RAT- 97.4

Peyton Manning
Yards- 4002
Comp%- 66.8
TD- 27
INT- 12
RAT- 95.0

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Brandon said...

I can't disagree with Peyton winning but I wish Chad would have won. He was not treated well by New York. He was always a very consistent, accurate quarterback that did not make mistakes. He is very good in a west coast style offense. Miami knew what they had and utilized him correctly.