Monday, January 5, 2009

One More Down

In Reds news, one more major free agent right handed power hitting outfielder went off the market today. Pat Burrell signed a 2 year, 16 million dollar contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays today. The Reds still need a power hitting outfielder and the field of free agent players continues to shrink. The Reds continually said that the price tag for Pat Burrell was too high, however, I dont think 8 million per year is that bad of a price. Especially considering the price tag for power hitting outfielders and the fact that J. Dye would have been over 11 million.

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SHU said...

I agree Matt although I still am not a huge fan of Burrell. If Burrell only made $8 million a year I wonder how much Dunn is going to get?