Friday, January 2, 2009

Bearcats Squeezed by VT in the Orange Bowl

Viewers from around the country watched the Orange Bowl last night thinking that the Bearcats were just happy to be there. Around here we know how good the Cat's can be, but unfortunately we have also seen how poorly they can play (see UConn tape.) Tony Pike struggled last night forcing some bad passes in spots and just making some poor decisions. Pike threw for 239 with an early TD but managed 4 interceptions on the evening. I don't think all of that is Pike's fault however, the Bearcats abandonded the run and left it back in Nippert Stadium. Cincinnati only managed 71 rushing yards and 14 first downs, the Hokies racked up 258 yards rushing and 23 first downs. Consequently they controled the clock having the ball 39 minutes compared to UC's 20.
I think as long as Brian Kelly sticks around the Bearcats can have a chance to get back to a BCS bowl, but this was a great opportunity for their program and its a shame they weren't able to get it done.

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