Monday, January 19, 2009

Early Super Bowl Predictions

Well the Super Bowl is set we have the Pittsburgh Steelers out of the AFC against the Arizona Cardinals out of the NFC. I don't think that anyone in the early season would have predicted that Arizona would have made it this far. Steelers are an early 6.5 point favorite over the Cardinals, a number which will surely fluctuate throughout the season. Also take into consideration the fact that Arizona has been the underdog in each one of their playoff contests, I don't think the Cardinals have a problem playing against the world. Of course my heart wants Arizona to win this game, and I think my heart is starting to convince my head. Here are some tidbits regarding the big game.
- Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt was the offensive coordinator of the Steelers and overlooked for the position of Head Coach when it was given to Mike Tomlin. The one thing to keep an eye on here is Dick Lebeau. Lebeau was the coordinator when Whisenhunt was in Pittsburgh and may still have a similar scheme package that the Cardinals can prepare for.
- The Arizona Cardinals are currently ranked 3rd in the NFL in total offense they are in the top 5 in points, yards, and passing yards per game. PIttsburgh on the flip side ranks 20th in the league in points, 22nd in total yards, 17th in pass yards, and 23rd in rushing yards. But their defense ranks 1st in points allowed, 1st in yards, 1st in passing yards, and 2nd in rushing yards. My question here is, if the defense wavers at all to Arizona's offensive attack, does Big Ben and the Steelers have enough weapons to counter their attack?

In the end, the old addage is Defense wins Championships, and as much as I have tried to convince myself that the Cardinals may have a chance to out match the Steelers. I have to go with that physically dominating defense of Pittsburgh to take the title beating Arizona 24-17.

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Brandon said...

Arizona will win this game! I half way believe it when I say it. I think I want them to win so badly, that I too have convinced myself that they will win.

Larry Fitzgerald may be the unstoppable force even with the Steelers D. If they can get him going and then stop the not so hot Steelers offense, then they should be okay. I almost feel like the Cardinals just have to drop 7 guys into coverage and hope the defensive line can stop the running game. Big Ben is unbelievable when he is pushed out of the pocket, but when he has time he sometimes tries to squeeze throws in where they should not be thrown. I hope Arizona has a chance. I have not pulled for one team in the Super Bowl like I am for the Cardinals in a long long time.