Sunday, January 25, 2009

NCAA College Hoops Tournament Resumes

#13 Xavier (17-2, 5-0, RPI: 4, SOS: 6):

Key Wins: #24 Memphis (16-3), Missouri (17-3), Virginia Tech (13-5), LSU (15-4), UC (13-7)

Key Losses: #2 Duke (18-1) and #17 Butler (18-1)

Key Remaining Games: Dayton (twice)

*If Xavier would've either beat Butler or Duke it could've definitely helped the resume as they don't get much of a test in their conference and especially because they didn't even show up against Duke.

Projected Seed: Bracketology currently has Xavier as a #4 seed and that's where I think they'll end up. They have a shot at having close to 30 wins going into the tournament but being in the A-10 hurts their seeding. Plus, the teams RPI and SOS will be drastically shot in the foot due to them playing in the A-10. The best possible seed I can see them getting is a #3 seed.

Kentucky (16-4, 5-0, RPI: 48, SOS: 91):

Key Wins: West Virginia (14-4), Tennessee (12-6)

Key Losses: VMI (16-3) and #6 UNC (17-2)

Key Remaining Games: Florida (twice), South Carolina (twice), Tennessee, LSU, Miss. St.

*All of UK's losses have actually came against good teams, the other two being Miami (FL) and Louisville. VMI looked bad at the time but it turns out they're a team that will probably make the tournament. UNC is a key loss because like Xavier against Duke, UK didn't show up against UNC.

Projected Seed: Bracketology currently has them at a #6 seed but I think UK will be a #5 seed going into the tournament. The Wildcats have looked good as of late and like Xavier their conference is down this year, meaning they should have 25+ wins going into the tournament.

Cincinnati (13-7, 3-4, RPI: 59, SOS: 31):

Key Wins: UNLV (16-4) and Miss. St. (14-6)

Key Losses: #10 Marquette (17-2) and #24 Memphis (16-3)

Key Remaining Games: #14 Georgetown (twice), #21 Villanova, #19 Notre Dame, #4 Pittsburgh, #12 Louisville, #8 Syracuse, West Virginia

*Again, these two losses are key because UC didn't show up losing to Marquette by 34 and Memphis by 15. All of their losses are respectable coming against others such as Xavier, Florida St., UConn, and Providence twice.

Projected Seed: NIT. Sorry Matt but UC's remaining schedule is brutal and they've yet to beat a ranked team. If they can win three of the key remaining games I have listed above and beat the teams they're suppose to they could make the tourney. Currently, the Cats are tied for the 10th best spot in the Big East and I don't know if the conference will have 10 or 11 teams in the big dance.

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