Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You know what really grinds my gears: the Top 25 poll committee

I know the Big East is the best conference in basketball but Notre Dame and Georgetown don’t deserve to be top 25 teams at the moment.

Notre Dame was ranked at #22 before their loss last night to Marquette. The Irish are now 12-7, 3-5 in the Big East and have lost four straight. The thing that pisses me off is that if you’re a top 25 team, aren’t you suppose to be able to beat good competition, as in other teams from the top 25. So far this year Notre Dame is 2-5 against Top 25 teams and has also lost to St. Johns and Ohio State. Tell me why they’re deserving of being a top 25 team right now?

The other team, Georgetown, is #23 in the latest polls and currently boasts a 12-6 record, 3-4 in the Big East. Georgetown is 3-5 against Top 25 teams, has lost three straight games with the last one coming against Seton Hall. I keep hearing that G-town has the hardest schedule and that’s why they’re deserving of being a Top 25 team? Yes, there Big East conference schedule is tough but seven of their 12 wins have come against less than worthy opponents (i.e. Jacksonville, Wichita St., Drexel, American University, Savannah St., Mt. St. Mary’s, and Florida International.) So why do they deserve to be a top 25 team at the moment.


Matt said...

I would tend to agree with you on that one

Matt said...

Now while I agree with you, especially about ND, I have to still be a little bit skeptical.

G-Town has played what I think to be the toughest schedule in the country this season. They have currently played 14 games against teams in the top 25....by comparison, UK and XU have both played 3...in addition, G-Town has 5 left on its schedule for a total of 17, XU and UK have none remaining.

Matt said...

Not sure what i was talking about....G-Town has played 9 games against top 25, not sure where the 14 came from (I guess because they have 5 more left which makes 14)...still a lot

PS. I guess im going to control the comments on this post

SHU said...

Don't know where you're getting the 9 teams that they've already played in the top 25, unless you're counting WV and Maryland I only count 7 and 12 total on the year.... Yes, that's still alot but my argument is they've lost three straight and haven't faired well against top caliber teams so far this season.