Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hazelton to UC

UC football is at it again. Today, UC landed one of the most highly touted transfers in the country when Vidal Hazelton transferred from USC. Hazelton was the #1 WR and #7 ranked player when he chose USC out of high school in 2006. Hazelton had seen several nagging injuries over the last few seasons, causing him to slide down the USC depth chart and not allowing him to see his true potential. For these reasons, he has decided to transfer to UC. He will be eligible for the 2010 season, unless he receives an unlikely hardship waiver due to the poor health of his father. Nonetheless, a HUGE get for UC football

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SHU said...

Hopefully he doesn't receive the hardship waiver because UC will have Gilyard, Barnett and Woods back next year. It would be perfect for him to start playing in '10 after the departure of Gilyard. Big signing for the Cats