Thursday, March 26, 2009

Added Word on Gillespie

New information has been made available with regard to the current Billy G coaching situation. Word of his firing has the potential to create a coaching carousel across the NCAA. Word is out that Billy Donovan has a clause in his contract in which no buyout exists if he decides to leave during the months of March or April. In addition, a great deal of rumors have circulated regarding Anthony Grant, current VCU coach and former Florida assistant, who is a rising star among coaches. Anthony Grant has been offered the job at Alabama, however, he must decide on the job today. This has forced all parties to act quickly. The reason: If Billy Gillespie is fired and Donovan is hired as the next UK coach, Anthony Grant will be offered his dream job at Florida. Stay tuned for fast occuring details.

Extra word to UK fans: Be careful what you wish for. First, you create a very undesirable job when you want a new head coach every other season. Secondly, do you really want a coach in Billy Donovan who has managed to send his team to two straight NIT bids??

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