Friday, March 13, 2009

Coaching Rumor Mill

I am not sure why Kyle didn't post this tidbit of information, maybe because he is praying that it is not true! But the coaching rumor mill has linked Sean Miller's name with the Arizona Wildcat job. Apparently Arizona has mentioned Miller's name as a top candidate. It would most definitely be an upward move for Miller taking over one of the top notch programs in the country. But he does have some things going for X right now. If Xavier were in a better conference they would not longer be a stepping stone job but a destination career. For now, I guess they will keep cranking out top coaching candidates. They are like a minor league program for basketball coaches. Personally, I would like to see Miller stay.

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SHU said...

He's been leaked to so many different coaching positions now that I just tune it out. He's built a solid resume but for some reason I think he'll stick around for awhile, just like I think Brian Kelly could go elsewhere but believe he will stick around.