Friday, March 27, 2009

Billy Gillispie: We Hardly Knew You

What an interesting two year ride is has been. Lee Todd and Mitch Barnhart both cite philosphical differences in the reason Gillispie is leaving. It seems as if Billy sealed his fate when he made the comment that he was not an ambassador for the University he was there to coach basketball games. Do I think Billy is a terrible coach or person? No. I think that to be the head coach of the University of Kentucky you have to be much more than a good basketball coach. You have to be an ambassador, you have to carry yourself with great pride and respect for the program and the Commonwealth. The head coach of the University of Kentucky is revered with great respect, more than even the govenor of this Commonwealth.

I wish Billy Gillispie luck in his future endeavors and feel that he will be given the keys to a great College program but I also excited about the prospects of having a new leader for the Kentucky Wildcats.

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