Thursday, March 26, 2009

Travis Ford: A Long Shot for the UK Job

Rumor has it Travis Ford is being looked at as a replacement for Billy Gillespie. Why would Travis Ford leave Oklahoma State now? He's playing in a power conference, the Big 12, and almost stunned Pittsburgh in the second round of the NCAA's in his first season at the school. He's in a good situation and wouldn't want to take on the headache that is UK basketball right now. Just for fun lets compare Billy Gillespie's career coaching record vs. Travis Ford's:

Billy Gillespie:
140-85 (62% WP)
This season he improved Kentucky's record from 18-13 to 22-14 although they didn't make the big dance. People need to remember a coach needs time to bring in big name guys, the majority of his team currently aren't his recruits. If Patterson and Meeks are both back with Daniel Orton do you really think they'll miss the tournament no matter who's coaching?

Travis Ford:
146-127 (53% WP)
Ford took a terrible EKU team and turned them into a tournament team. People need to remember this took him five years to accomplish and his only winning season there was his final year. He then was at Umass where he failed to make the NCAA tourney all three years on the job. If people think that Travis Ford can come in and turn UK into an instant winner then you're living in a fantasy world.

My point is it takes time to rebuild a team, even if you're UK. Is Travis Ford really the answer to all your problems?

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