Monday, March 16, 2009

Thoughts on College Basketball

* Every game is better when Erin Andrews does the sideline.

* St. Mary's, San Diego State, and Creighton all got hosed. The committee spoke a lot about strength of schedule. But these teams cannot help it they are in a weak conference and cannot get the big teams to play them. If Duke knows that St. Mary's is going to have a great team they would avoid them, St. Mary's has everything to gain and Duke has everything to lose. If they lose to a team like that then it will kill their RPI, on the flip side if they win it won't give them any credit. It's a cycle that needs to change.

* Arizona getting in is an absolute joke. They finished 6th in the Pac-10 and had a losing record in their conference. They finished the season losing 5 of their last 6. They had a mediocre strength of schedule and a terrible RPI. I think their name got them in.

* SEC got hosed as far as seeding. I don't think any other teams should have gotten in, however, you are a top conference in college basketball you get three teams in, your seeds are #8, #9, and #13. LSU was #1 in the SEC and was rewarded with an 8 seed. Just look at the next seed up the 7 seeds, West Virginia (7th in Big East) Cal (3rd in Pac-10) Clemson (5th in ACC) Texas (4th in the Big 12) I agree that the SEC was down but not that down.

* Big 10 got way too much love. Watch and see. The Big 10 got seven teams in the tournament. They will not have more than 2 teams in the sweet sixteen.

* Big East is good, but not that good. I think it is funny that the Big East is considered the greatest conference of all time and coincidentally have the TV contract with ESPN. They also have like 20 teams in the conference.

* Big East should not have three number one seeds. UConn should be a two seed and Memphis should be a #1. To be undefeated in the conference play is a great accomplishment for Memphis. I think they will scare some people. UConn ended the season on a skid.

*The NIT is actually loaded with good teams. I guess I never realized before because I was always covering the Cats. There are five teams who were in the Preseason Top 25 poll playing in the NIT (Florida, Notre Dame, Georgetown, UNLV, Davidson) Add to that list Auburn, Baylor, San Diego State, South Carolina, St. Mary's, Providence, Miami, and Creighton. This will be a tough tournament.

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SHU said...

When are we going to put our predictions up for the Elite 8 of the NIT?