Thursday, March 26, 2009

Billy Gillespie Rumors and Replacement

I have heard today on various media outlets that coaches are reporting Gillespie has known for the past few weeks that he will not be returning to the University of Kentucky next season. The rumors that are flying around currently are that Billy Donovan has at least expressed interest in discussing options with Kentucky. As of right now the pulse of the Big Blue Nation there are three candidates that have emerged as front runners only in the eyes of Kentucky fans. Top coaching candidates:

- Billy Donovan
Would Kentucky really be happy with getting slick Billy Donovan on this bench? Two years ago Billy was coming off of back to back National Championships. Now Billy Donovan is coming off of back to back NIT bids and not exactly burning up the SEC. His recruiting classes are marginal but has shown he can get the talent and he can win when the talent is there.

- John Calipari
Would he leave Memphis? He is able to recruit the best athletes to come to Memphis and play their one season before they get drafted. Would Kentucky fans be able to handle one and done type players? Also Calipari can essentially do whatever he wants in Memphis and plays in an NBA arena. He has a guaranteed trip to the NCAA tournament every year playing in the C-USA. Calipari also may not have the right squeaky clean image that Kentucky will be looking for post Billy G.

-Travis Ford
He is coming off of a great season at Oklahoma State, however he has only been there one year and his only previous experience comes from UMass. He is relatively unproven as a head coach but he is a Kentucky boy which earns him some serious credibility with the Kentucky fans. Recruiting and experience on the big stage are yet to be determined with Ford.

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