Monday, March 9, 2009

Top 10 picked for Bengals Virtual Hall of Fame

This topic was brought up a few weeks ago when voting was still ongoing for the inagural Cincinnati Bengals virtual Hall of Fame. Five players/coaches will be added this year. Anthony Munoz and Paul Brown are the first two since they are part of the NFL HOF. The other 3 will be voted on. Originally, 32 people were placed on a ballot at which allowed for nearly two months of fan voting. Fans voted in order to narrow the list down to 10. The ten players/coaches are as follows (in order of votes received):

Ken Anderson
Boomer Esiason
Isaac Curtis
Tim Krumrie
Ken Riley
James Brooks
Chris Collinsworth
Sam Wyche
David Fulcher
Lemar Parrish

Which 3 would you vote for? My 3 choices would be Ken Anderson, Ken Riley, and Sam Wyche. Anderson and Riley should be in the NFL Hall of Fame and are not. Wyche orchestrated the only two Super Bowl appearances in franchise history


SHU said...

I like the Ken Riley and Sam Wyche picks but I'd vote Boomer ahead of Anderson. There numbers are very close in comparison so it's more of a personal choice.

Adam said...

I like Boomer, but Anderson played his entire career here with the Bengals, that should earn him some respect. I think it is just a generation thing, we grew up with Boomer.