Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Kentucky Saga Continues

This whole situation really blows my mind. I have checked a number of sources which include national sports, local media, and web related sources for information regarding the Kentucky Coaching vacancy and it amazes me as to how much contradictory information I have read. Here is my best estimation as to where Kentucky and John Calipari stand at this time.

- Kentucky has offerd John Calipari after discussing and meeting with him over the weekend.

- The terms of the contract are very large but the exact number is still unknown to the public

- John Calipari has not accepted or rejected any offers from Kentucky

- Memphis Boosters have lobbyed to keep Calipari in Memphis with help from FedEx.

- Kentucky will not have a press conference until all of the terms of the contract are negotiated and the contract is signed. (No memorandum of understanding mess like Billy Gillispie had)

- Players from Memphis current roster will not follow John Calipari to Kentucky if he leaves but current unsigned recruits may have the opportunity.

- One of Calipari's concerns was the number of young players who Kentucky has already committed to and if he will be bound to honoring those commitments.

Hopefully this whole Soap Opera will end today. I have learned that many in the Kentucky media are very quick to jump to conclusions on this whole situation. Both Kentucky and Memphis sources reported yesterday that it was a done deal which was obviously premature. In this era of reporting where everyone wants the scoop it is getting a little out of hand. Stay tuned.

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