Monday, March 23, 2009

Kentucky Rumors Floating Around

I spent four days in Lexington this past weekend to watch the high school state basketball tournament. As you would imagine there was a lot of chatter regarding the Kentucky basketball program and Billy G. Almost everyone was talking from the manager of our hotel, to the waitress as Ramsey's, to fans at the tournament. Here are a few "rumors" that were circulating around Lexington. Keep in mind these are all rumors and only rumors.

- Darius Miller is unhappy with Coach Gillespie and has contacted Shelvin Mack at Butler regarding a transfer.

- A Kentucky recruit from the 2011 class was told by Mitch Barnhart that Coach Gillespie will not be coaching the Kentucky Wildcats next year.

- A.D. Mitch Barnhart traveled to Dayton to meet with Travis Ford about becoming Kentucky's head coach.

- Kentucky boosters have already pledged the $6 million buyout of Billy's contract.

- Patrick Patterson will go to the NBA is coach Gillespie returns.

- John Calipari was in Lexington to meet with Barnhart (this one was my favorite because it was a day that Memphis was playing in the tournament)

I get it why people think Kentucky fans are absolutely crazy! It seemed like everywhere I turned there was someone who had "inside information." Only time will tell.

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