Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kentucky Wildcats Looking to the Future

I think this is going to be a very long and interesting off season for the Kentucky Wildcats. The Wildcats have no doubt ended their 17 consecutive year streak of playing in the NCAA tournament. There are a lot of questions swirrling regarding Kentucky players and the Billy Gillespie situation at UK.

- Coach Gillespie is 38-26 in two seasons at Kentucky so far which is a far cry from the program of national prominence that they once were. Worst part is Billy doesn't understand that when you are the coach of the Kentucky Wildcats you are more popular than the Govenor in the state. Billy doesn't embrace that role he ignores it or faces it with sarcasm. I think you will see UK and AD Mitch Barnhart take action on Billy. If he doesn't shape up soon, we will be recognizing the new coach. Who would I want as coach of Kentucky? One guy only, Travis Ford. More on that later.

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SHU said...

During the SEC Tournament Patrick Patterson was asked if he would stay at UK for another year. He said right now he's staying but we all know that can change. If Patterson and Meeks stick around they could have a good team next year, especially with guys like Daniel Orton and Jon Hood coming in. One thing the Cats still will lack though is a presence at the point. They have one recruit, G.J. Vilarino coming in but is he the answer?