Monday, March 9, 2009

Tri-State Basketball Best of Awards

I tried to start this post a little while back with little fanfare. I think now that the NCAA basketball season is coming to a close its a good time to bring this one back up. This gives an opportunity for us to decide who you would pick as the best players, teams, coaches, etc. from the the area for the 2008-2009 basketball season. Players, coaches, and teams from Xavier, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Dayton, Miami, Indiana are all fare game. I have included my awards and answers. You can add your own awards or just use these.

Best Team: Xavier
Best Player: Jodie Meeks
Best Supporting Player: BJ Raymond
Best Coach: Sean Miller (though I dont think any of them were very good)
Best Freshman/Newcomer: Yancy Gates
Best Moment/Play: Tie- Jodie Meeks scores 54 against UT, Deonta Vaughn alley-oop to Yancy Gates as time expires to send EKU game to OT (if UC doesn't choke to end the year it saved their season)
Best Chance for NCAA Tourney Run: Xavier
Best Chance for Success Next Season: Cincinnati


SHU said...

I think Best Coach should go to Brian Gregory. He did the most with the least amount of talent. Outside of Chris Wright they're very thin and Dayton is primed for a NCAA bid.

I think Best game should outright go to Meeks' 54 point game, it was amazing. We've seen game winners (UC as mentioned, Dante Jackson's 1/2 court shot to beat Virginia Tech) but Meeks' took over a game.

I know I'm going to sound like a homer but I think Xavier has the best chance for success again next year. The team will be better than this year as they will have one thing they don't have right now.... guard play. Jordan Crawford and Mark Lyons are eligible and they have Holloway, Redford and Jackson back. If Brown stays with freshmen Kevin Parrom at SF and Frease improves with Love and McLean down-low they could be a Top 10 team by year-end. The question is the team most primed for success and I think being the the A-10 helps as well as compared to UC having to battle with an improved team in the Big East.

Adam said...

Best Team: Xavier
Best Player: Patrick Patterson
Best Supporting Player: Yancy Gates
Best Coach: Sean Miller
Best Freshman: Yancy Gates
Best Moment/Play: (I would have voted for Meeks but just to mix it up) Dante Jacksons halfcourt buzzer beater to beat Virginia Tech in the Puerto Rico Tip Off.
Best Chance for NCAA Run: Xavier
Best Chance for Success next season: Kentucky

Best chance for an NIT run: Cincinnati

Brandon said...

I have to agree with Shu on the best coach. I think that has to Brian Gregory. Dayton is extremely thin, but have probably earned a NCAA bid. Sean Miller is definately 2nd if all the competition is Billy G and Mick.

By the way, what stories on here receive any "fanfare." Just curious.