Friday, March 27, 2009

Is Firing Billy Gillespie The Right Move?

For weeks now, the rumors have run their course regarding whether or not Billy Gillespie will be the coach at the University of Kentucky next season. For the same length of time, everybody and i mean EVERYBODY has put forth their two cents regarding who they think will be the next coach. Now that Billy Gillespie has been in fact fired from UK, the question remains Is his firing justified? Is his firing the right move?

My Answer: Absolutely NOT.
1) A coach needs time to develop his system and recruit his players. I dont care if you are UNC, Duke, UCONN, UK, or Ausin Peay. This should apply to any program. I did not care for the Billy G either and often times thought he was a sleezy stubborn coach who didnt deal well with players, fans, or the media. However, two years is not a sufficient period of time.
2) UK is creating a coaches nightmare. First, Tubby Smith was force out. Now, after two seasons Gillespie has been forced out. Is Kentucky still the desirable job it was ten years ago? You create problems when you demand excellence and then get rid of a coach every other season. It also makes other coaches think twice about want to go there.
3) Billy Donovan and John Calipari have already said they ARE NOT INTERESTED. Sorry UK fans, but gone are the days where you can just pick and choose any coach you want and they will come. By the way, Jay Wright said no also. Do you have a backup plan??
4) A problem is created when you fire a coach without a plan on who the next coach will be. Chances are, a top tier coach will not come to UK and a second tier or up and coming coach will take the job. Travis Ford is the most likely replacement. Are they going to be given time to prove themselves or will they also fall victim to the two year plan? Cause i've got news for you, Travis Ford is a UK guy but he is also only been a second tier coach that will require more than two years to right the ship at Kentucky. It will be fun the watch.

Now I wanna here from you. What is your opinion? If you think he should have been fired, tell me why and give me a logical explaination as to who the next coach will be.

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