Friday, March 6, 2009

Suicide Watch in Lexington

With Kentucky's atrocious loss to Georgia at home the other at Rupp Arena the 'Cats are in a complete must win situation tomorrow in Gainesville, which could turn into a tournament play in game. The SEC is looking rather bleak this season and could very possibly be only a two to three team bid conference. LSU for all intensive purposes looks like a lock for the tournament simply because they have taken care of business within the SEC. Tennessee Vols locked up the regular season SEC east title last night beating South Carolina and may have helped jockey themselves into the tourney. But the Vols have just as bad of a resume as Kentucky, if not worse. If LSU is able to win the tournament, then things really could get intersting for the SEC. I don't see them getting more than 3 teams this year and may be a stretch to reach even three. In order for the 'Cats to make it they will have to get a win in Gainesville and then pull off at least a couple of wins in the tournament. If they can do that then I think they may sneak in.

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