Friday, June 19, 2009

Jim Rome on Chad Johnson

Today on Jim Rome's opening segment. Jim said that he used to be a huge fan of Chad Johnson, a true American original. Talent with the words to back it up. Then, he says, he turned to a dark place became unproductive, unfunny, and a cancer to the Bengals. Now Jim says that he has turned the corner and Rome is now a fan. Why Rome says? Because of the influence of Denzel Washington. Chad has some room to move to make things right and get out of that dark place that they were in. Jim says that "the world is a much better place when Chad Johnson is right." Chad Johnson is on his way back, when he starts making plays and winning. "85 is the rare athlete who can jump the shark, but then come back and jump back over the shark." "I like the way he looks, I like the way he sounds, welcome back 85."

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