Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NKU to interview for Athletics Director

In a news release from NKU, Northern Kentucky University have announced five finalists for their Athletics Director position. The five finalists are:

- Jerry Wollmering, Director of Athletics, Truman State University

- Jerome Rodgers, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, Boston College

- Scott Eaton, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Administration, Northern Kentucky University

- Derek van der Merwe, Senior Associate Athletics Director, Central Michigan University

- Holly Sheilley, Assistant Athletic Director for Championships & Student Development, University of Louisville

One of these finalists will be hired to replace Jane Meier who stepped down as NKU Director of Athletics after 31 years at NKU. Whomever they choose to fill this position will inherit and Athletics program that has successful and competitive teams in most sports. Many in the community, and around the university, have supported a move for NKU to play in Division I. In 2004 they University conducted a comprehensive study on the viability of moving to DI. It was always my inclination at that time that Northern did not have the proper facilities and would not be competitive in recruiting a DI caliber athlete with their current facilities. Now, with the addition of the Bank of Kentucky Center, new tennis facility, new soccer facility, newer softball field, and updated fitness centers NKU would have the proper facilities that would help attract a DI athlete. The next issue will be the financials of it all, the costs involved in elevating a program are considerable and with our tough economic times would President Votruba and the Board of Regents be able to justify expenditures on athletics while academic and other programs face potential cuts. Regardless, the athletes at Northern Kentucky University are as talented as any athletes in the tri-state area. Whomever is chosen for this position will take the reigns of a top notch athletics program.

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