Thursday, June 18, 2009

Joey Votto to begin Rehab Assignment

Tonight in Sarasota, FL Reds young first baseman Joey Votto will begin his rehab assignment for the Sarasota Reds. There is still not time table set for Votto's return but some are speculating he will be back for the Torono series. We still do not know exactly what has put Joey Votto on the DL in the first place. Most around here have said to give him his privacy, I go back and forth on that issue. When you become a Major League baseball player, like it or not, you live your life in the spotlight. I have my own theory on Votto. Joey Votto, a proud Canadian, was placed on the DL on March 30th. March 30th just so happened to be the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Being the strong Canadian that he is he couldn't have focused on baseball during the Stanley Cup finals. Now that the finals are over, Votto can begin to focus on baseball rather than hockey. Thats my theory.

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