Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mark Cuban goes after Bloggers

Mark Cuban has decided to go after bloggers, ironically on his own blog. In his blog, blog maverick, Cuban rants about bloggers and media who just throw out ridiculous rumors to get ESPN and other journalists to jump. He wants ESPN to create a list of blog for ESPN to discredit as viable sources.
I think this idea is a bit ridiculous. Sports Blogging has become somewhat of a business for some but for most it is a hobby. Here at our blog we intend to provide you with stories on Tri-State and National sports that intrigue us that we think people who follow sports in Cincinnati would find interesting. We are not going to be a breaking news source. We will post rumors but only rumors that we feel are viable and could actually happen. Blogs create a forum for sports discussion. I agree with Cuban on some points, with Twitter, Facebook, and Sports Blogs the need for breaking news has become a little out of control. But to come out and attack all bloggers, on his blog, is a bit ridiculous.

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