Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A-Rod and Sosa Test Positive for Steroids.... What about the other 102?

Reports came out today stating Sammy Sosa was one of the 104 major league players who tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance based on reports. You would have to be pretty naive to think Sosa, McGwire, Bonds and many others didn't take performance-enhancing drugs nowadays. To go from where they were to what they did was ridiculous and not humanly possible without some sort of illegal substance.

The thing that bothers me is these players are being singled out when they're 102 other players who did the same thing. I know both Sosa and A-Rod's names leaked out and that the names were suppose to remain private but now that several players have been singled out shouldn't the reports go public?

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Brandon said...

I agree completely. At this point it would only be fair for all of those names to come out. Why should Sosa, A-Rod, Palmeiro and those guys that have been caught pay the price for all of those players? At this point everyone is questioned. It's really sad...but I am sick of hearing about it. I am moving on.