Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Notes from Bengals OTA's

I have gone through some different sources on the Bengals to provide some notes on the Bengals Minicamp that wrapped up over the weekend.

- Apparently Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski has completely revamped the offensive playbook. With the addition of Cedric Benson and significant changes in the receiving core this could prove to be a good change for the Bengals offense. At times last season the Bengals offense could be described as vanilla at best. Hopefully Coach Brat and Marvin have incorporated some new looks to help the offense thrive.

- Geoff Hobson had indicated that his rookie defensive MVP so far has been third round selection Michael Johnson. Johnson is a physical freak at 6-7, 266 Johnson has great speed which makes him versatile. During mini-camp Johnson played Defensive end, tackle, and linebacker. On top of his training the Bengals have supplied Johnson with DVD's of some of the NFL's best pass rushers including Jevon Kearse, Jared Allen, DeMarcus Ware, Kyle Vanden Bosch, and Aaron Kampman.

- After the MiniCamp Marvin Lewis feels like they are in better shape. Not really sure that this is breaking news, what do you expect and NFL coach to say? But a major difference is having a healthy Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocino in camp to workout and what many have said in the best shape of his life.

- Laveranues Coles has shown to catch on rather quickly to the offense. The veteran receiver is enjoying his role in Cincinnati playing opposite Chad Ochocinco. Coles, who has an introverted personality, will not be the guy in the face of the media. Look for Cole to quietly rack up big numbers for the Bengals while Chad stays in front of the camera.


Anonymous said...

I have a question: How do you afford the fees associated with all these AP photos you run on the blog? A quick glace shows that you have thousands of dollars of AP photos on this site. If you're swiping them off other sites that do pay for AP photos, you should know what kind of trouble that can get you in. I like the site, just a heads up.

Adam said...

The photos that we use for this site are typically only compiled using a basic browser search such as Yahoo, Google etc. We were not aware that using these photos would be an issue, and now that we have been made aware we will most definately discontinue this practice of finding photos. Our intent for this blog is not to break any laws, only provide stories regarding local and national sports. We do not receive any compensation of any kind for having this site, really only a hobby. Thank you for the heads up, and thanks for visiting our site.

SHU said...

All of these pictures were simply attained from the google and yahoo images browser.

Many sites that have copyright laws to there photos either wont let you save them to your hard drive or will make you buy them on there site.

Anonymous said...

Try telling that to the AP, or any of the publications that spend millions of dollars on AP photos every year while sites like yours steal them.

Adam said...

We honestly did not look at it in a way of stealing from others. Since you have posted on here I have done some research on the topic and realize that we were making a mistake, which we are working on correcting. As I had stated previously our intent was not to break any laws or rules. I do not think that our using photos that were found online were harming any of the publications who were purchasing these photos. The 15 viewers that we average per day had more than likely already seen the images on the original site. We operate this blog to provide opinions and news from local sports. Our intent is not to harm any other sports publications. Honestly thank you for brining this to our attention, I working very hard to correct it. And welcome, hopefully now you can be the #16 reader of our site!