Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft Drinking Game

Tonight is the NBA draft, and when we watch the Draft we get a solid four hours of analysis from the talking heads. With that analysis we are sure to be hit with a vocabulary of terms and phrases that are typically not used in normal language. Below are a list of cliche's to listen for, when the reporter says the word you take a drink. Pretty simple. Here are the words or phrases to listen for:

"Good footwork"
"You can't teach height"
"Gym rat"
"that pick is a reach"
"tremendous upside"
"break his man down"
"shut down defender"
"lock down defender"
"good length"
"handle the rock"
"score the ball"
"has the intangibles"
"low center of gravity"
"tremendous leaper"
"can leap out of the gym"
"great hands"
"nice touch"
"soft touch"

Bonus: Since this draft is being held by our friends at ESPN here are some bonus phrases or words. If they say one of these then you must take a shot of whiskey.
"Bret Favre"
"Barry Bonds"
"Michael Vick"
"Yankee Stadium"

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