Monday, June 22, 2009

Turfway Park Could Go Under if Kentucky Doesn't Pass Gaming Bill

Bob Elliston, owner of Turfway Park, said today that the Northern Kentucky horse track could close by 2010 if Ohio passes gaming legislation and Kentucky does not.

Kentucky’s House last Friday passed legislation that would permit video-lottery gaming at Kentucky horse tracks. Problem is the bill has not made it to the floor as it's still three votes short of attaining the number of votes desired. Word is many people think this is a long shot and the bill wont reach senate anytime soon.

This is big for Turfway to survive as many horse race owners are going to Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia for higher purses. I do enjoy $1 beers, hot dogs, and bets every once in awhile so I hope this is approved soon or we may see a vacant track next to Danbarry Dollar in the near future.

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Adam said...

Once again Kentucky politicians play off of moral issues and ignore what would be best for the state. It is quite sad.