Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lance Stephenson to Cincinnati?

PREP BASKETBALL: JAN 27 Lance Stephenson
Lance "Born Ready" Stephenson becoming a member of the University of Cincinnati basketball team has been a rumor that swirled around recruiting circles several months ago. It seems as if this rumor is picking up more steam now. Lance Stephenson visited the University of Cincinnati campus again over the weekend and recently even attended a game at the Deveroes Summer League. Look for Stephenson to decide on the University of Cincinnati befor the end of next week.

Lance Stephenson hails from Lincoln High School in New York City, the same school as Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair. Stephenson is widely considered one of the top 15 players in the country. He has seen his face grace the cover of many national sports magazines and his high school games have been shown on ESPN. His publicity is not without its downfalls though. Many high profile schools have passed on Stephenson due to his cocky attitude, poor relationships, questionable amateur status, and recent legal troubles.

Stephenson is widely considered a one and done player who is NBA ready right now. Cincinnati has one scholarship remaining for 2009. His addition would be a huge one and include instant offense to the team. In addition, it may help to bring greater attention, money, and fanfare to the university which is something that has been lacking since the departure of Bob Huggins.


SHU said...

Might not be a good fit for Cincy. There has to be a reason why only Memphis and Florida International are the only to left with offers for him according to rivals. Supposedly, Stephenson has pending criminal charge, questions about amateur status and there's a general sense that where he goes drama follows.

Huskie said...

That's exactly why he is a great fit for Cincinnati.


Matt said...

Shu I definitely agree with you...I outlined the question marks as well regarding Stephenson. No doubt that those question marks exist. I do however think that Stephenson would add instance offense and even instant publicity to the school which has been lacking... Huggins made a name for Cincinnati by taking guys nobody wanted and giving them second chances. We will see how it goes but signs are pointing to him signing

By the way, Stephenson's court case is likely to be dropped and other schools are beginning to jump back into the race for him...just this week, both Pitt and Missouri offered

To the Huskie fan, I think you should probably watch what you say. UCONN has not been exactly clean when it comes to its recruits in the past... Look no further than the stories behind Nate Miles, Ater Mjock, AJ Price, and Marcus Williams