Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just Another Good Trade

After watching Nick Massett lock down once again and lead the Reds in extra innings win against the Cubs I became even more and more pleased with the Reds deal when they traded Ken Griffey Jr. Earlier in the week we looked at Griffey's numbers while playing for Cincinnati. The whole league knew that Cincinnati would not be resigning Griffey following the 08 season so the fact that they were able to manage a deal to trade him at the deadline was amazing in itself. But the fact that they were able to score Nick Massett and Danny Richar from the White Sox is downright phenomenal. So far this year Masset has a 0.86 ERA with a 0.76 WHIP and has struck out 19 in just 21 innings pitched. Meanwhile in Louisville, 2B Danny Richar is hitting .286 which is third best on the team.

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SHU said...

3-0 with a .86 ERA, is that all-star worthy..... funny coming from a guy that lost the battle for the fifth man in the rotation in the spring.