Thursday, June 11, 2009

What could have been...

Ahhh, remember the Reds under Jim Bowden. One giant collection of 5 tool outfielders (usually ended up lacking 3 of those 5 tools.) The days where our #1 option in the rotation was Elmer Dessens or Paul Wilson or Jimmy Haynes. Ew, I get a little sick every time I think about it. Danny Graves was the closer for 6 years....6 years there wasn't a better option than Danny Graves in Bowden's mind.

Well, luckily, the Reds seem to have finally moved on. Our minor league system has a lot of young talent. We have a solid 1-4 pitching rotation. We don't have a lot of power, but we have a really good bullpen and play good, sometimes great defense. This is all thanks to an owner that cares and a solid, proven general manager.

However, we are not alone in our Bowden suffering. There is a group of fans going through what we once went through. I am asking that everyone go offer their support to our friends at They are dealing with the end result of a team put together by Jim Bowden. And boy is it ugly. The Nationals are now 15 and 42! They are already a full 19 games behind the Phillies and are on pace to lose 119 games. They seem to be aiming for the worst record in the history of major league baseball, at least to share that honor with the 40-120 1962 Mets.

To understand their pain, please read this post and comments and remember the time, offer sympathy and be thankful for what we have.

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